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How the Sandwich Came to Be.

Once upon a time, pimentos, peanut butter, and watercress made the perfect sandwich. Throughout history, people have been eating sandwiches and it can only be said that the ingredients vary. All this comes to one man who happened to be an Earl. He was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. However, before then there were people who used to put meat between their bread slices. In the 1st century, people used to eat their Passover bread with lamb between it. The practice changes in the Middle Age with people adopting the open style sandwich. Instead of throwing away the stale bread, meat and vegetables would be piled on it. The Dutch popularly served their bread piled with butter, fish, and meat. Sandwich is a town found along the southern coast of the UK. This literally translates to a town built on sandy soil. Literally, “wich” refers to a place, a vicinity or a dwelling. Initially, the 1st Earl of Sandwich was expected to get the title of the Earl of Portsmouth. That was changes to Sandwich because the town honored him. At the time of this Earldom, he was the commander of a naval fleet off the coast of Sandwich. There is no other connection between this town the family the Earl came from.

However, it was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. His morals were wanting and he was never one to turn down a bribe. He went ahead to become the First Lord of Admiralty and people all over the land knew about his incompetence and corruption. This is the person who made the American Revolution what it was. He let the British Navy stay in Europe’s waters because he was afraid the French would attack. This mistake was major and his shortcomings as a commander were highly criticized. He was a known member of the Hell Fire Club. The club included members from the elite class in Britain who came together for whoring, gambling and drink. There were major elements of Satanic worship in the club as well. The 4th Earl of Sandwich was happy to embrace black masses and anti-religious rituals. Because he was controlling the Navy and friends with the King, he was fully protected. One of the Hell Fire Club members, John Wilkes, was displeased with the black mass and satanic rituals. He dressed a baboon in a devil suit to make the events more interested. You can discover more about the birth of the sandwich here.