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Benefits of 3D Mammography

In recent days, early detection of cancer, its screening and treatment had become possible and easy thanks to technological advancement in medicine. It has been proven that when cancer is detected early enough, a patient can be treated to fully recovery. Breast cancer is one of the common forms of cancer affecting many women. With the increasing number of women suffering from breast cancer, the screening technology keeps advancing with the 3D mammograms being the latest certified method of screening cancer. Many women have therefore been able to detect that they have breast cancer at an early stage which can be healed, hence they are able to get treatment and enjoy living longer happily. 3D mammography creates three-dimensional images when screening the breast. The three-dimensional images give the radiologists an easy time when looking for cancer cells since they are able to manipulate the images and observe all sides. Hence the breast cancer can be detected at a very early stage in most women. Here are some of the benefits of 3D mammography.

One of the major benefits of using a 3D mammography is that it provides a detailed three dimensional images which improve the detection of breast cancer unlike the traditional methods which had two dimensional images. 3D mammography has been proven to increase the detection of invasive forms of cancers that were difficult before. This has attributed to successful breast cancer treatments thus a rise in the number of cancer-free patients. With the use of traditional breast screening methods, there is usually a high rate of callbacks for additional screening. The 3D mammography has reduced the callbacks for additional screening since they are able to detect even the increasing number of invasive cancer. The callbacks were terrifying to patients since they could keep thinking that they actually have breast cancer. 3D mammography has helped patients to avoid such anxious and unpredictable moments.

Women with heterogeneously dense breasts used to have a hard time when undergoing breast cancer treatment since the traditional mammography would need more that one test to successfully detect tiny cancer cells.It has been proven that breast cancer attacks mostly women with dense breasts. It is therefore easy to detect the growth of tumors since the 3D mammography can tell them from the dense breasts. Though breast tomosynthesis, breast imaging, and screening has enabled radiologists to conduct safe and effective breast cancer tests. With 3D mammography, patients are not exposed to radiation so much like in traditional screening methods. The cancer is detected early when using 3D mammography hence the increase of cancer survivors.

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