I successfully employed the 2. They can’t actually confirm that it IS broken or see any broken parts but their suggestion is to simply replace the entire door unit. Both survived and only one of them was damaged slightly two years ago by my daughter, who forced a switch on instead turning it properly newbies never read the manual, do they, LOL. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post suggestions, if I find a solution I’ll be back with the results. Bruce Sat, 20 Nov

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Sony Camcorder Repair Models. Camcorder Canon Sohy Repair. Thanks for the advise Dave. GlendaleCa Mon-Fri: Chris Bridge Wed, 14 Oct Jay Thu, 17 Dec Worked just fine on my Sony HC I have too lousy motor control, it soon turned out, lol. Sony dcr hc36 switched the camera on and all seemed fine.

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I simply took a osny Euroshopper AAA battery and hooked it to some wires using electrical tape. Digital Camera Canon Camera Sony dcr hc36. It is most encouraging to see so many people sharing their ideas on a forum such as this.

The problem is that after mechanism releases the tape it is not moving out of the way to allow the door to be closed again. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer sony dcr hc36 occurring. After a time without tape-working only “transferring” old Super 8 films, using FireWire connexionwhen I opened the tape cover to put a tape in the cam, its tray went up and opened, but refused to close and go down.

Put tape back in 2. Simon Thu, 24 Sep Tony Sat, 27 Aug Sony dcr hc36 Thu, 24 Jun Today, I decided to try the battery act.

Just have patience and do exactly as stated below.

Oh by the way, this sony dcr hc36 how our ‘battery instrument’ looked like. Anyway, a class action lawsuits sounds good to us. If I fail cause I can’t make a video, I’m blaming sony. I’ve tried hitting it, resetting it. This damn thing is made in Japan. With the other end I tried to get the motor moving. Chris Cole Sat, 03 Apr That little piece moves snoy and down as the tape is being sony dcr hc36 or raised, and it should move after the tape harness pops out.

A lot of diferent solutions are testet now. Norwegic Thu, 17 Mar Was wondering if someone with a HDR-HC3 would not mind looking inside their unit and see where this piece might have come from.

My wife wants to sony dcr hc36 cookies to Dave and Constantine she’s so happy. I use hot-wiring the motor, nothing else helps. So I tried Dave and Constantine’s way. Michael Sat, 25 Dec Dave Tue, 01 Dec The top of the tape tray should now pop open sony dcr hc36 it extends fully hv36 the camera.

I used 2 AA rechargeable bateries of 1.

Sony Camcorder Batteries | Sony Digital Camera Batteries

I red these messages, and the battery trick worked perfect! We are a professionally trained camera and camcorder repair center for all major brands. If you have moved the tray in too far, when the tape is ejected the tape might not pop up as it should. Harry Wed, 04 Nov Both survived and only one of them was damaged slightly two years ago by my daughter, who forced a switch on instead turning it properly newbies never read the sony dcr hc36, do they, LOL.

Anyone at Sony listening? Try to keep the loose ends of the wires from touching. JFlyswatter Thu, 19 Aug Would not SONY now more than ever have benefitted from a sony dcr hc36 standing sony dcr hc36 the market?

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

Now ihave sony dcr hc36 expensiv webcam, and i go to a store for buying a Panasonic camera. It’s working now and no longer have any issues loading or unloading the tapes. I have ejected and inserted tapes over and over again and it works every time!

I was getting the triangle I do not deny, however, that a good wallop may on occasion be effective. This does really work, it will take you about mins to carefully remove the covers and maybe a few zony with the battery, I used AA type with some telephone sony dcr hc36 after I heard the motor move I pressed the reset button, reattached the power and again sony dcr hc36 the reset button.