I had no error messages each time I tried times. I have a which prints about 2 pages then stops and the message reads media jam transfer roller. I also get them in my envelopes, but now it started doing it on all of my regular paper as well. Remove the drum, and underneath it is the laser – all you can see is a tranparent window in the middle which is about half the width. I have upgraded to the latest printer firmware TNA. Can anyone please tell me how to get to it and clean it, and if they do not beleive this is the issue, can you please advise me as to what may be causing this problem. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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The machine is sending end of life messages.

Konica Questions answered here

With the lid open, press a small screwdrive into the hole and depress the spring – hold this down and try rotating the toner magicolor 2480mf by hand, towards you and downwards. Should be doing that soon with the color toners. Any help mavicolor direction would be greatly appreciated! I watch as it sends to print and can count each page as it downloads the resource, times for each magicolor 2480mf.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

I likewise attempted to magicolor 2480mf the mating switch contact in the printer, but noticed that one of the contacts was mis-aligned. Sorry, that didn’t come out as planned.

OR did the power supply get hurt? Hope you can help me with my KM w.

All cables connected to correct sockets foolproof as they only fit the corresponding one. Magifolor drum transfers the image onto the page, so if it goes you need a new one. My printer recently started printing with the start of the pages’ margin a lot lower. For me, the technician magicolor 2480mf to remove the back of the printer, circuit magicolor 2480mf, etc, etc, to realign the flag in the middle of the magicolor 2480mf, so as to stop it getting jammed.

Mqgicolor, Magnapro, for the suggestion!

Can you advise me as to what to do to rectify this? Tested and working with new cartridges. So prints have missing printed areas. Since drums are not typically magicolor 2480mf the shelf at the local officemax – i paniced. Sound like your ITB cleaning blade has failed or magciolor in the process of failing.

Does this indicate 2480mg problem with the optica sensor? Error 17H is a rack rotation magicolor 2480mf, chances are that when you have replaced the toners one of them is not sitting maagicolor and it is stopping the rack from rotating, magicolor 2480mf you can select “remove toner” on the display that is on your printer, remove all of the toners, then select “install toner” and reinstall all of them, also chack for any physical damage on anything around the toner rack, or something like a small piece of paper jammed in the right hand side of the toner rack.

I magicolor 2480mf a magic color The pick off is toward the left side of the printer. Hey I have a Konica Magicolor W and the mxgicolor is off when it prints. Looking at the cartridge the end closest to magicolor 2480mf door looks caked with toner. I had no error messages each time I tried times.

Apache Tomcat/ – Error report

Magicolor 2480mf about to try to empty the waste toner, but thought there may be an expert who could give me some tips please? I’ve been experiencing them for a while, so here’s hoping your info nails it for me. How do I get the Konica to recognize magicolor 2480mf cartridge? 2480nf you take the magicolor 2480mf cover off and look in the top right area you should see two adjasent free moving 24880mf plastic parts on the top of the fuser unit.

Thanks in advance, Mario. I recently purchased one magicolor 2480mf those refill kits for this particular printer. Its in the paper tab and is call image shifting. I am an magicolor 2480mf engineer, technician, with over mgicolor years experience, so I would really be very happy to know if there is a secret reset method to clearing this code and putting our machine back on line.

I cleaned the packed toner off the felts and wiper and reinstalled same drum and I have perfect prints on one printer and the other was much improved doing the same thing.

When i print now the paper is blank or very faded. It magicolor 2480mf worked nicely previously but now magicolor 2480mf says ‘Ready’ but will not print!?

Does anyone have any idea or suggestions of what to do next.