After replacing the after market toner with an approved cartridge the color was better but the black still printed light and the streak became more pronounced. Would that help anything? They work with 4 LED print heads not laser built into the cover of the unit. They expire way to quick when there is still plenty of use in them. What is “this” is? If this drum goes bad I intend to send it to Uninet for their comments.

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Since I have reset the counters with the procedure oki es1624 at the beginning of this thread I have oki es1624 no more problems. I have three ‘s plus five others.

Please help me get the network menu to return on the Okidata CN.


okii Thanks for this Neale. I am fairly mechanically inclined and oki es1624 took hours for me to do the first one and it was very messy. The littlefuse number is I didn’t try putting white-out over the spot.

The girl said it’s no problem.

How to get Meter Reading / Total Page Count (Glens Falls Business Machines, Inc.)

That was all with Uninet toner. On my printer this oki es1624 system often generates error warnings, but I just ignore them. Has anyone had experience replacing the drum in okk drum mechanism?

Oii oki es1624 this not the way to do this on my printer after all? Replacing oki es1624 drum and wiper doesn’t work. As I kept playing around with it the insidious ink was gradually spreading everywhere.

Meter Reading / Total Page Count

I think that when people say “burned toner” they really mean “used toner” that cannot be reused. I suspect operator error is the problem. I tried with a chip for the C and it didn’t work, Oki es1624 tried with a chip for the and it worked fine mine is a Dubber-Toner instructions stated to replace the chip – well Oki es1624 have the C and on the cartridge there is not a chip or I am totally blind Oki es1624 replacement cartridges there is a plate on the right end under the blue locking knob.

There will be a lot of oki es1624 there.

Meter reading is read off of an odometer located on the right side, oki es1624, toward the rear. I have ordered a replacement drum and fuse from Uninet and I will attempt to replace that part in the drum assembly. I’ve omi the starter toner cartridges and now want to oki es1624 the replacement cartridges with “bulk” toner. Thanks for your help I am going to cheat and put the scanner unit onto a C which I have reset thanks to the posts on here.

Hold in the “Test” button on the network card.

oki es1624 I print thousands of full color docs without problem. All the better to get more good quality output from a great printer without having to pay through the nose for the Oki business model!


Display says user maintenance. I have starter cartridges. One of the two blue hold-downs for the back of the oki es1624 broke.

I know according to your date on this post you may already have this information but I will send it anyway. I refilled the demo toners succesfully. Hold down the button above the green symbol that looks like a C laying on it’s back till the oki es1624 and amber lights flash approximately oki es1624 seconds and then ed1624 go. Check to make sure you haven’t swapped the positions oki es1624 the toner drums.