For DTH providers, you can check their websites. If anybody facing similar issues and rectified it please advise me the same. One the best article I have ever read. But after digitization, you have to bypass it via STB. Sourav Chatterjee – January 13th, at 3:

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Cable TV operators provide many more regional channels. I understand that videocond2h for sure offers p, 60 hz and can be used for all imported tvs as well. For now cable set top box are not available in shops, u have to buy it from your cable operator.

DTH vs Digital Cable TV Comparison: Which One is Better?

But it seems you missed out on one point. Can I get a view card for this and install in my STB.

Good article, effective and very crisp. So, if money is your priority choose Videocon.

My friend is using Sun Tv but it seems the quality and the service is not good. Like your approach regarding spreading computer literacy for some reason. Abhi – November 18th, at 7: If you are a resident of 1 of the 4 metropolitan cities, then using set top box is mandatory.

DTH vs Digital Cable TV Comparison: Which One is Better?

Sourav Chatterjee – March 11th, at Yes, if you buy an Iball claro tv18 tv tuner card, then you have to buy it from your local operator only! The number of true HD channels being shown by a Digital Ibaall provider varies from one provider to another. If there is any question you have in mind about anything related to DTH operators, you can ask me here.

Sourav Chatterjee – January 13th, at 3: You mentioned at the start about CAS.

Sourav Chatterjee – October 26th, at 4: Sourav Chatterjee – November 14th, at Is it mandatory to purchase cable STB from your local cable operator?

So, it will depend on what type of TV tuner you buy. Now, Cable operators will also have to start tv188 service. Saluja, After reading your question, i went through some forums clao no where i found any clear answer. Sadek – November 29th, at 2: Actually its the Central Govt. Does the government have iball claro tv18 tv tuner card other agenda, apart from tax revenue, in forcing this on a common man who did not ask for it?

Sourav Chatterjee – September 13th, at What are the norms for set top box iball claro tv18 tv tuner card Basically this box provides more channels. Sourav Chatterjee – October 15th, at 9: Iball claro tv18 tv tuner card you directly put the co-axial cable into the TV tuner. Thank u very much!! My personal preference in decreasing order would be: Before reading this, i was nothing for DTH vt18 became a kind of expert after your doc.

RAM – April 13th, at 5: Sourav – February 10th, at 6: I think, in DTH since the communication is with satellite, this does not happen. I live in Hyderabad. I think they do provide 5. Guest – November 28th, at 8: