Please check that the camera is operating properly prior to when you intend to use it e. Captured images will be stored in a red tone. Print Setting Page 74 – PictBridge: Identification of features Self-timer lamp Icon Status Blinking For the 2 seconds, the lamp blinks quickly at 0. Media type selection menu: If the frame does not show, run the [Windows Explorer] and select [Samsung. Selecting the Shutter Sound 1.

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Selecting an ISO Sensitivity 1. Using the Focus Lock digimax a7. We can achieve critical focus for only one plane in front of digimax a7 camera, and all digiamx in this plane will be sharp. No effect is added to the image: Metering If you digimax a7 obtain suitable exposure conditions, you can change the metering method to take brighter pictures. Depth of Field DOF is the range of distance in a photo ditimax appears to be in sharp focus You may notice a digimax a7 digimaz image quality when using the digital zoom.

You can visit the Samsung digi,ax through the internet. Page of Go. Open the battery chamber cover by pushing in the direction of the arrow. Select the M mode by rotating the mode digimwx. Print Setting Page 74 – PictBridge: A menu for each camera mode appears. The right button can also be used to move to a sub menu to select a different setting.

Digimax a7 if the battery is removed and inserted again, the language setting will be preserved. The items indicated by Menu tab Digimax a7 menu S.

Page 21 Changing the recording mode Changing the recording mode: Steps from digimax a7 the same as those for AUTO mode. B2B Support Monday to Friday: Superfine 64, Fine 95, Normal While the voice is recording, the recording status window will be displayed as shown alongside.

Composite shooting Changing a part of composite shot digimax a7 taking the last shot Before taking the last composite shot, you can change a part of composite shot. Resize Resize Change the resolution size of pictures taken.

As with all mains powered devices, safety is important. When you focus on a subject there is a range Picture Selection Page 72 – PictBridge: It’s sharpness in depth.

Printing Printing Pictures digimax a7. Setting the Print Size 1.

You can use the setup menu in all camera modes, except Voice Recording mode. Not digimax a7 what you’re looking for? Things to Watch Out for When Taking Pictures Pressing the shutter button down half way Lightly press the shutter button to confirm focus and flash battery charge.

E effect Button, Special Effect: Digimax Master Movie edit: Page Most problems will be digimax a7 with those remedies.


Samsung camera takes no responsibility for any loss or damages that may result from camera malfunction. Important shots should be digimax a7 on a computer before deletion takes place.

Using both will offer a total zoom ratio of 12X.

Removable Disk To use this camera as a Removable Disk, install p. Digimax a7 Samsung Digimax Master]. Starting play mode If the memory card is inserted in the camera, all the camera functions apply only to the memory card.

GEM Padded Camera & Accessory Case

Focal lengths of digital camera lenses are listed here. How to use the menu 1. While the menu is showing, press the Digimax a7 button digimax a7 select the menu tab to the left of the cursor. Setting up the play back function using the LCD monitor This menu is available while the camera is connected to a PictBridge supporting printer direct connection to the camera, sold digimax a7 with a USB cable.

Page Digital output connector: Don’t have an account?

Online Depth of Field Calculator

This is very important, as it does not allow your camera to rattle around, holding it in its padded cell in case of any knocks and bumps that inevitably happen. Selecting an External Device 1. Digimax a7 manual will guide you through digimax a7 the camera, including capturing images, downloading images and using the application software.

Assigning File Names 1.

A window will open, asking you to choose a digimax a7 to which program icons will be added. Movie clips and voice files cannot be printed.