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I think it was part off lora leigh breeds pdf download series. Not as good as the Fifty series, but check out Larissa Ione — Demonica series 5 books and Lords of Deliverance 3 books.

Being Barron was also a great book. Just about anything from Annabel Joseph is amazing. Oh, and its written really well! Maya Banks — Sweet Series!! I just finished reading the Honor series by Teresa Mummert, well finished until she releases bookand it was great. I so lora leigh breeds pdf download I was a freak for getting zero sleep while reading the 50 series twice in a row.

And this Dom took discipline to a whole other level.

Kira Riley is a determined captain who wants no part of romance in the military. Thank you for the list! I will be sure to check back often! Check out my review of Mystery Man and Motorcycle Man. Marys-so what books do you recommend for the erotic scences? I am so excited to have just found this website! I loved Bared to You! Hope the sequel is out soon! Just putting in my 2 pence! I prefer this over Backstage Pass — Sinners on Tour needs to be on the erotica list.

It was published Jan At least I know I am not the only one lora leigh breeds pdf download the book addiction — even the steamy smutty ones!!! He had me hooked from lora leigh breeds pdf download to finish. Wait till the Glass Towers Trilogy comes out December 10th!

Any suggestions on good books with erotic scenes? Has anyone read these?

What to Read After Fifty Shades

Anxiously waiting for the third book. Check out the Breeds Series by Lora Leigh.

Ran across the website promo …. They are deeply poignant, gritty and raw, and you will face some pdr moments. If anyone knows of any similar to inferno and rapture please let me know.

You have got it together woman!!

What to Read After Kristen Ashley. I get why you would say reading the Crossfire series after the 50 Shades trilogy. This Man Trilogy by Malpas 2. So glad I found this site. They are totally worth the time and money of buying and reading them!

tristeza | You Que?

But check out that Knigh book by Kristen Ashley. Finished the close up and personal trilogy now.

About Me I am happily addicted to reading but I need to expend my book energy especially when one puts me in an emotional frenzy – SO lora leigh breeds pdf download Cannot wait until the third in the trilogy is released! Going to require a lot of research!! Take a look at that title. My two favorites, hands-down, are Mystery Man book 1 and Motorcycle Man book 4.