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When a PC needs to transmit data, it checks to make sure that no other computers are sending data at the moment. Modern Ethernet networks use twisted pair cabling containing eight wires. At one time making sure that hardware and networking basics pdf download network card matched the network medium was a really big deal, because hardware and networking basics pdf download were a large number of competing standards in existence.

You can see an example of an Ethernet network card, shown in Figure A. This is an Ethernet cable with an RJ connector installed. This is the same thing that happens on this type of network. Part 10 – Distinguished Names. A switch looks a lot like a hub, but performs very differently.

A hub has two different jobs. For example, before you built a network and started buying network cards and cabling, you had to decide if you were going to use Ethernet, coaxal Ethernet, Token Ring, Arcnet, or one of the other networking standards of the time.

Part 9 — Active Directory Information. Rather than using a cross over cable, most networks use normal Ethernet cables that do not have the sending dowbload receiving wires reversed at one end. Part 18 – Sharing Resources. Hardware and networking basics pdf download networks are a science all their own, and I will talk about them in a separate article.

Part 13 – Creating Groups. In harxware day and age of high speed Internet access being almost universally available, you tend to hear the term broadband thrown around a lot. Part 6 – Windows Netwogking. In the past, all of the articles that I have written for this Web site have been intended for use by administrators with at least some level of experience.

Part 3 – DNS Servers. If the addresses match then the computer knows that it is the intended recipient, otherwise it ignores the data. Part 1 – Networking Baslcs. Because of the way that switches work, they can establish parallel communications paths. There are different types of hubs, but generally speaking a hub is nothing more than a box with a bunch of RJ ports.

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Its first job is to provide a central point of connection for all of the computers on the network. Both PCs then have to wait for a random amount of time and attempt to retransmit the packet that was destroyed. In this article series, I will start with the absolute basics, and work toward building a hardware and networking basics pdf download network.

If the line is clear, it transmits the necessary data. As you can see, when computers are connected via a hub, every packet gets sent to every computer on the network. The first piece of hardware that I want to discuss is a network adapter.

In this article, I have discussed some of the basic components that make up a simple network. What this means is that if one PC is sending data across a particular wire within the Ethernet cable, then the PC that is receiving the data needs to have the wire redirected to its receiving port.

In Part 2, I will continue the discussion of basic networking hardware. When a computer on an Ethernet network transmits data across an Ethernet network containing PCs connected to a hub, the data is actually sent to every computer on the network. Each networking technology had its strengths and weaknesses, and it was important to figure out which one was the most appropriate for your organization.

Part 5 – Domain Controllers. You hardware and networking basics pdf download create what is known as a cross over cable. Yes, they eliminate collisions, but there is more hardware and networking basics pdf download it than that.

Part 19 – Share Level Permissions. The data is transmitted over Ethernet cables. These wires are arranged in a special order, and an RJ connecter is crimped onto the end of the cable. Hubs are starting to become extinct, but Hardware and networking basics pdf download want to talk about them any way because it will make it easier to explain switches later on.

In a collision domain, these types of parallel communications would be impossible because they would result in collisions.

Networking Basics: Part 1 – Networking Hardware – TechGenix

As you can see, computers use network cards to send and receive data. Hardware and networking basics pdf download me of new posts by email. Broadband is a type of network in which data is sent and received across the same wire.

Pretty much the only type of wired network used by small and medium sized businesses is Ethernet. The first thing that you need to know about hardware and networking basics pdf download cards is that the network card has to match the network medium. This article will be the first in a series targeted toward novices.

In contrast, Ethernet uses Baseband communications. The difference is that when a PC on the network needs to communicate with another PC, the switch uses a set of internal logic circuits to establish a dedicated, logical path between the two PCs. This is the job of a hub or a switch. You can see a picture of a hub, shown in Figure C. Part 2 – Routers. Recently though, there have been requests for articles targeted toward those who are just getting started with networking and that have absolutely no experience at all.

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