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This is very helpful I was looking for similar one.

Linux Booting Process: A step by step tutorial for understanding Linux boot sequence

I think we have to amend few more steps. All comments are subject to moderation. Malcolm Daniel May 30,2: Difference Between Monolithic and Microservices based Architecture. Got something steo say? Support us by taking our online Linux courses We are thankful for your never ending support. You can find a number of articles explaining you the Linux Boot Process.

It is really very useful Thank you Mahesh. Its a series of tests conducted by the bios, which confirms the proper functioning of different hardware components attached to the computer.

Actaully i have failed in my first interview for not answering the above question,but after reading the above answer. The files are also numbered. Jay June 27,7: Now there is a little surprise that am going to reveal.

You can see the partition table information ste our MBR backup file as shown below. Understanding LVM snapshots create, merge, remove, extend. There are two things that people often get confused with.

Also, distributions such as Ubuntu uses upstart and it handles run levels a bit differently than others. Nisha Linux booting process step by step pdf download 29,4: This post is awesome. This honestly was sort of a notebook for me later turned into a tutorial blog. BalaC February 7,2: But not many of us know how these things work together. Thanks for your article. Before going into the details of what initrd is, let’s look at a problem caused at the boot time.

The BIOS checks for the boot sector on the bootable device.

A Basic Guide to Linux Boot Process

But its completely wrong. This is nothing but the first sector of your hard disk. I’ve been fighting with it on my laptop for a month now, and a write up like this for EFI would be a great deal of help. Rameses 22 Jul Please let us know in case anybody finds a mistake in this article, so that we can correct it. Another amazing fact about this remarkable procses called computers is that its a collection of different electronic components, and they work together in coordination lniux give you a meaningful output.

I would suggest to read the below artcle to understand grub and its details. Narad always believes sharing IT knowledge with others bh adopts new technology linux booting process step by step pdf download ease.

Find the kernel options: Really good article on Linux boot process. Thanks for your kind words Vishwanath!. Syam April 11, We are thankful for your never ending support. It can boot in a single user mode, multi-user mode, with networking, and with graphics etc. BIOS is programmed to look llinux a permanent location on the hard disk to complete its task.

July 19, at This is really nice article.

Excellent, in detail and simple.