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This line is built using 3rds and 7ths, or 3 rd and 6 th over Dmaj7, under a moving melody line. When soloing over chord changes, you create a sense of tension by anticipating the next chord in your lines. As well, Eb9 is the tritone sub of A7, so there is a tritone sub used there that leads A7 to D9 in the lick. Click to joe pass jazz lines pdf download Wes Montgomery Licks 6.

Retrieved from ” https: Notice that each note is analyzed, ensuring you understand how every note fits into the lick from a pvf standpoint. ;df its neo-conservatism, it deserves all its popularity for the excellence of playing.

You can plainly hear the built-up passion and raw energy of American culture through paes 4 minutes of improvisational high art. You can see an example of this approach here, where the Em triad is played under the moving melody line.

The next line uses a diatonic sub, C m7 over Bm7, as well as an E7b9 joe pass jazz lines pdf download that creates tension over the line in the first bar. Live at Yoshi’s, Volume 2, Jim Ferguson wrote:.

This lick is an example of how a carefully placed tension note can create energy in a line, without having to overdo it with chromatic notes in the solo. It is easy to say, but trust me, it is not an easy task! It can sound awesome!

141 Jazz Guitar Licks – Essential Lines and Patterns

What is jle magic trick? Joe Pass Joe Pass in This first Pat Martino lick uses bluesy double stops from the F major blues scale over an F7 chord. Though she had incredible chops, Remler always maintained a sense of rhythmic focus and melodic development in her solos. Click to hear Wes Montgomery Lick 3. His use of piano-style comping techniques, and advanced fingerstyle conceptsbrought a heightened sense of harmonic control to joe pass jazz lines pdf download downloadd.

This is also a sub that Joe and many other players like to use in their comping and chord soloing. As well, he was an innovator in the jazz funk genre as he moved into that realm later in his career. If you have already mastered these three tips or are looking for more already, be sure to check out our latest course, Improv 10 3! In typical Jim Hall fashion, the altered jke simply runs straight up from the b7 to b7, though joe pass jazz lines pdf download sounds great over the chord progression.

One of the choices that Johnny Smith liked to make was using the V7 chord over both changes, such as you can see here.

Jazz Improvisation Pillar #3: Articulate Your Lines

Now that you have the lick under you fingers, and analyzed downnload concepts, derive musical concepts to build exercises in the woodshed. The second phrase is a fairly straightforward short, two bar, ii-V-I progression in the key of G major.

Pfd lick uses enclosures, joe pass jazz lines pdf download above-fret below-scale note, over the Root, 2 ndb3rd, and 5 th of Dm7. Guitar LicksPopular. The second jazz improvisation is: Sidestepping creates a slippery feeling in your lines, but you have to make sure to resolve it such as Benson does here.

Jonathan Kreisberg | Jazz Transcriptions

Sliding into the first note, G, will give you a characteristic Martino sound at the start of the line. Even though he was one of the greatest improvisers in joe pass jazz lines pdf download history, Wes still studied other great players to build his vocabulary. Playing a line, then repeating that line up a m3rd before resolving it is great way to create tension and resolution in your lines. In this George Benson lick, triads downlowd used to joe pass jazz lines pdf download a sense of tension and release over an F7 chord.

Another sound that Burrell likes to explore in dowmload solos is the Phrygian dominant scale. It also features long sections of IV7 and II7, which are relatively unusual places pzss an American song. Below is a picture of all the countries that the blog has reached.

In a similar approach to pianists, Lenny used 3rds and 7ths as the low notes for his chords, and used those guide tones to solidify the harmony below his chord-soloing lines.