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Brady’s Color and Size Pipe Marking Guide

Arrows shall be used to indicate direction of flow. Color should be displayed on, or contiguous to, the piping by any dpf means, but its use shall be in combination with the legend Brimar follows the size recommendations supplied on this standard for all of our pipe marking products.

Where flow can be in both directions, arrows in both directions shall be displayed. Always position pipe labels on pipes to achieve the best visibility. Install pipe labels below or above the horizontal centerline ippe the pipe when pipes are located above or below the normal line of vision.

Primary Means of Identification: Where piping is connected to containers that are labeled in accordance with GHS requirements, a corresponding label on the piping may be provided. The size pef placement of the marker and arrow has not changed.

Please enable JavaScript in your fownload to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. The above information is our interpretation of the standard and related changes.


Install pipe labels at frequent intervals on straight pipe runs. The corresponding label should contain at least the product name or identifier, the pictogram, the signal word, and the physical, health and environmental hazard statements.

This classification includes fluids, which, under ambient or expected operating conditions, are a vapor or produce vapors that can be ignited and continue to dowbload in air. Our premium banding tapes are available in exact match colors. Wafer Seals and Mailing Seals. Contents shall be identified by a legend with sufficient additional details such as temperature, pressure, etc.

The standard only applies to new installations. The new standard does not require the replacement of previously installed markers. The secondary means of identification is the color code of the marker.

Download Brady’s Guide to Pipe Marking | ANSI A Standard – BRADY

Brimar uses sans serif gothic bold sownload Arial Bold when manufacturing pipe markers to provide high readability and contrast with marker color. Track Order Sign In. Install pipe labels near branches and whenever a pipe changes direction. All Brimar products are manufactured in the USA. Brimar recommends 25 ft. Pipe Markers Valve Tags Nameplates. View Our Full Product Index. However, markkng recognize that it’s not possible or realistic for everyone to adopt the new standard immediately and therefore Brimar will continue to offer markers that comply with the old and new standards.

The legend name of the pipe content and directional flow arrow remain the primary means of identifying pipe content. Combustible Fluids This classification includes fluids that can burn, but are not flammable. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. There are no items in your cart. For pipes with O. Even the legend sizes and adhesives on our markers are in compliance.

This classification includes fluids that are corrosive or toxic, or will produce corrosive or toxic substances when released. Install pipe labels before and after all wall, floor and ceiling penetrations. Looking for high-quality, standards-compliant pipe markers?

Oxidizing fluid is any gas or liquid that may, generally by providing oxygen, cause or contribute to the combustion of other material more than air does. Install pipe labels close to valves or flanges.